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Arabica Daguma

Arabica coffee is the most widespread type of coffee in the world. Arabica Daguma is a single origin and a homegrown coffee from the rugged terrains of Daguma Mountain Range of Sultan Kudarat. This coffee beans has a balance of semi-sweet, nutty, cocoa, full-body tasting notes (but may alter based on the roasting date, brewing time and temperature). Grown with an elevation of 800-1,100 MASL. Best blend with Premium Robusta.


Arabica is best known and widely consumed coffee in the world. Well cultivated in high altitude areas. Arabica is generally favored for it’s fruitier, lighter-bodied quality. It is smooth, sweet to taste, highly caffeinated but less acidic.

Rare Liberica

Liberica beans is the largest beans of any coffee species. It’s not symmetrical having a distinct shape like an almond. It has an exotic note of taste. It is floral and fruity aroma scent, resemblance to a jackfruit. It has a full bodied taste and slightly smokey with a balanced acidity level. The elusive Liberica is the world’s rarest and have the most limited supply. It is on the higher end and carries a heavier price tag.


Also known as Batangas coffee, grown in Batangas and Cavite. It belongs to the species of Coffee Liberica. It’s shape is much smaller than Rare Liberica. It is strong, bold and has intense flavor. It is noted for it’s high caffeine content. So if you need a caffeine perks Barako is the answer.


Robusta coffee is the second most popular coffee in the world. It has a taste of earthy and often said to have a bitter, rubbery or grain like flavor and with a peanutty after taste. It contains more caffeine and less sugar than Arabica beans. It taste more stronger. Robusta is known best blend to Arabica. So if you like more on earthy taste, a little robusta will do. Or if you are after a nice thick cream on your espresso, then a high quality robusta might do the taste.